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VTPhotoTours.com has adopted this Terms of Service (Comment Policy and Chat Rules)

Comments and professional debate are welcome, but the following is unacceptable:

  1. Comments from anonymous cowards are not welcome! No comments with fake names or fake or missing email addresses. Your email does not get posted on the site and we won’t spam you.
  2. No potentially libelous material.
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  6. No comments or chat totally unrelated to the topic.
  7. No commercial promotions or spam.
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  9. Do not plagiarize any material.
  10. Do not use all capital letters. If we miss a question, politely ask one more time.
  11. Do not pretend to be someone else.
  12. Do not send anyone a private message in the chat room without asking their permission first.
  13. Do not scroll or flood the chat, whether by posting text art, changing nicknames, or typing just a few words per line.
  14. Always respect our Chat Ops and Half Ops. They moderate the discussion and can kick (if needed, and ban) anyone that misbehaves. Their decisions are final and are not up for public discussion.

Violation of this policy may mean any of the following:

  • Comments may be removed or edited.
  • You may be blocked from commenting in the future.
  • We may contact your Internet Service Provider or report you to the proper authorities.
  • We may draw attention to your silliness and make fun of you publicly.

By posting a comment you agree to indemnify VTPhotoTours.com or any other entity or person(s) associated with the administration, production, and publication of VTPhotoTours.com from and against all liabilities, judgments, damages, and costs (including attorney’s fees) incurred by any of them which arise out of or are related to the content that you post. Comments are intended only for personal, non-commercial use, and may not be used for commercial purposes or for any organized political activity.

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If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the Service as a violation of the terms can lead to legal liability.

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