What should I bring on a Workshop/Tour?

At the very least, you should bring:

  • A working camera.
    Any make and model will do! As long as it works we won’t judge. We’re happy to show you how to make great photos with even a ‘point and shoot’, cell phone, or tablet camera!

  • Memory cards with free space or unexposed film.
    We recommend you bring enough to shoot at least 100-300 photographs.

  • Fully charged rechargeable batteries or fresh disposable batteries.

  • Multiple layers of clothing and a jacket.
    The weather changes pretty rapidly in Vermont and you should be prepared for temperature drops and rain or snow.

  • Comfortable closed-toe shoes.
    We don’t go too far on foot anywhere but you’ll want to have a good pair of comfortable shoes that won’t make you cringe each time we stop.

  • Snacks, water, and/or non-alcoholic drinks.
    Unless specifically stated, food and drinks are not included. We will also stop for meals at the appropriate times at a local favorite sandwich shop or restaurant. We’ll “stop the meter” during mealtime if you pay for your Instructors’ meals.

  • Cash
    It’s a good idea to bring some cash as a few of the general stores and restaurants we might want to stop at still don’t accept credit cards.

  • Like the Boy Scouts say, “Be prepared.”
    If you have any allergies or medical issues please bring along prescriptions and anything else you might need in an emergency.

We also recommend the following items, if you own them. However they’re not required so don’t feel like you need to run out and buy them. In fact, we strongly encourage you not to buy new equipment just for the Workshop/Tour as you’re better off bringing gear you know works, are more familiar with and have practiced using.

  • A DSLR and multiple lenses.
    Bring it all! From wide-angle to telephoto zoom and extenders. We’ll show you how to get the most out of what you do decide to bring. ND filters are not required but are a good idea!

  • A backpack or shoulder bag for your gear.
    Even in the backcountry of Vermont it’s a bad idea to leave any equipment unintended so you should be able to bring your expensive gear with you if you decide to stop and go into any stores or restaurants.

  • A sturdy tripod, ball head, and a remote/cable release.
    Besides the camera itself, a good tripod is easily the 2nd most important thing to have and will improve your pictures more than any other upgrade, even more than a camera upgrade!

  • Again, be prepared.
    It’s not a bad idea to bring sunglasses, bug repellent (in spring, summer, and fall), sunscreen lotion, and a change of socks.

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