What is the typical schedule for Workshops/Tours?

Each Workshop is unique as we’re very flexible to our client’s desires and customize it specifically to its participants. Here’s what most of our Workshops/Tours share in common:

A typical Full-day Workshop/Tour begins with the departure from the previously agreed location at the agreed time in the morning. Some photographers opt to leave very early, even before dawn, or may leave later in the morning to have time left to photograph the sunset or during dusk. We suggest leaving later and shooting the sunset.

Depending on the departure location, the travel time to the first stop and from location to location will vary but the routes are customized by us to maximize the time available for stops at beautiful and picturesque locations.

We’ll also plan the primary stops and alternative stops with the light and sun’s position in mind. For example, during midday, if it should be sunny, we’ll take you to locations that are not affected by harsh light.

Breaks for breakfast, lunch, and/or supper are taken at the appropriate times at a local favorite restaurant. Before your Workshop/Tour we’ll ask for dietary restrictions, budget, and your food preferences and then plan accordingly.

If the client desires, photography instruction and/or assistance with composition and field techniques will be offered throughout the Workshop/Tour. Time may also be allocated for a critique of photos or assistance with Workflow (Lightroom, Photoshop, Apple Photos, etc). Most Workshops/Tours include dedicated time for all of the aforesaid.

We begin traveling back to the departure location once the time for the half-day or full-day Workshop/Tour has been fully used (unless the clients’ would like to start back earlier.)

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Important Updates:
We offer Outdoor Private Workshops/Tours and one-on-one Online Private Workshops most weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Peak Season Dates are always in high demand and fill quickly. Please plan ahead, check availability, and reserve/secure your booking as soon as possible.
Limited time offer: Book a multi-day workshop and SAVE $100* on each additional day booked. Please check availability and mention discount code: WS100OFF. *Some restrictions apply. Expires 4/21/2024.