Which lenses and gear should I bring?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question we receive is, “Which lenses should I bring?” or “Which lenses do you recommend?” Some even ask if they should buy a new camera or lenses for the Workshop/Tour.

We know photographers can sometimes feel insecure about their gear. But don’t worry. We don’t make any judgements!

Every type of camera has been used successfully! Many of our clients just use kit lenses, point and shoot cameras, or iPhones/Android Phones. No matter what someone brings, as long as it’s fully functional, everyone always has just as much fun. We will design the Workshop/Tour to the gear you already own and feel like bringing.

In fact, we don’t recommend you buy new equipment just for your trip.
You should only travel with equipment you have owned for a while and had a chance to test, use frequently and have gotten familiar with. There’s nothing worse than going on a trip and coming back without any decent photographs because you used untested gear or used incorrect settings due to unfamiliarity with it.

“Ok, ok. I get it. My equipment doesn’t matter but I’m stubborn and still want to know what’s ideal so I can get new stuff for my trip…”
Well, if you have cash to blow or already have a good selection of gear then we recommend bringing a couple zoom lenses which cover all focal lengths from 14 or 24mm and up to 200mm. If you would like to photograph birds or wildlife we suggest you also bring more high-powered telephotos and teleconverters.

It wouldn’t hurt to bring the following, if you already have it:

  • Super Zoom Lens like 80-400mm, 200-400mm, 100-500mm, etc.

  • 300mm or 400mm Super Telephoto

  • Teleconverters

  • Macro lens

  • ND Filters

  • Tripod

  • Remote cable release

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