About Vermont Photo Tours

Photo: © 2009 Steven Mermelstein – All rights reserved

Award winning!

Vermont Photo Tours was named one of the “14 Can’t-Miss Places to Visit in Vermont” by NECN!

Our Philosophy

Vermont. From the mountains to its lakes, the beauty of the state surrounds you wherever you are. Its awe-inspiring scenery is even more incredible when it is captured with a camera.

Founded in 2003, Vermont Photo Tours’ mission is to immerse its guests in hands-on, day-long workshops and tours led by Steve Mermelstein, an award-winning, seasoned professional photographer based in Vermont.

What benefits do you get from an outing with Vermont Photo Tours:

  1. Beautiful, iconic locations

    We know where to go, when to go, and how to get you to the best of the ‘off the beaten trail’ locations for stunning shots.

  2. Personalized, professional instruction

    On-the-spot, hands-on instruction. From understanding the basics of your camera to how and when to use any of the advanced settings. Plus other helpful tips and tricks that will allow you to make any photograph you’re pre-visualizing.

  3. Positive instruction and reinforcement without criticism or arrogance

  4. Every skill level and all brands and types of equipment are always welcome. We’ll never make judgments about you, your photos, your abilities, or your gear.

  5. Personalized review of portfolio

    Show us your best shots! Steve will be happy to review your work and understand your level and interest and offer professional critique and suggestions to make it even better.

  6. Our full satisfaction guarantee

    We’ll work with you to help ensure you have had an opportunity to capture at least 10 awesome photographs and reach all your goals.

What makes our Workshops and Tours a unique experience:

We love photography. We love cameras. We love Vermont.

We love to share all of our knowledge and experience with each of our guests. And most of all, we love the thrill when our guests capture those incredibly special nature and wildlife images on their cameras.

It seems that around every corner in Vermont there is a chance to capture a breathtaking scene. The trick is understanding the scene, your camera, and how to frame up your shot. And this is where Vermont Photo Tours is here to guide you. We take our guests to iconic, but off-the-beaten trail locations. At these locations, we will offer group and individual instruction—answer questions on the spot—and help our guests understand their cameras and photography to its fullest.

We offer Outdoor Private Workshops/Tours and one-on-one Online Private Workshops most weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Peak Season Dates are always in high demand and fill quickly. Please plan ahead, check availability, and reserve/secure your booking as soon as possible.
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